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  • Provide customizing structure for patient knee
  • Support the bottom of patella with fast curing of substrate
  • Prevent for second damage from dislocate patient’s knee
  • Easy deadhesion with Velcro
  • Reduce slipping down with V shaped strap
  • Reusable outer cover
  • Washable outer cover


Neal Knee Brace is customizing knee brace based on the orthopedic device technology of BL TECH CO., LTD.
The hole of center of brace compress around patella without exceed pressure and V shaped strap upwards diagonally to support from the bottom of the knee cap.

In addition, you can make a customizing brace to put the substrate into substrate pocket for personalized treatment.
Neoprene provides functionality and Velcro let you control the tightness according to knee size.