Easy repairs with Prosorb surgical mesh – optimized for recovery,

strength and performance


  • The flexibility of the mesh makes it ideal for hernia and laparoscopic use
  • High burst and tensile strength conform well to any anatomic placement
  • Uniformly knitted smooth suture that passes through tissue with ease
  • Excellent handling characteristics; does not curl with normal handling
  • Enables easier handling and precise knot placement
  • The grid lines of PP help in easy dimensional identification
  • Due to its controlled rigidity, once inserted into the trocar it can spread out and recover its initial shape
  • Reduced foreign body reaction
  • Scar plate formed is flexible as compared to regular polypropylene mesh
  • Minimal scarring post-surgery

Prosorb mesh is manufactured in a clean and controlled environment to eliminate microbial contamination and retain tensile strength.


  • Intra-abdominal hernia repairs
  • Ventral hernia inguinal hernia


  • Polypropylene-polyglycolic acid composite mesh
  • Lightweight with high tensile strength
  • Pore size 1.5-2 mm
  • Less mesh shrinkage
  • PGA part absorbs in 3 months
  • Flexible scar plate formation
  • Minimal foreign body reaction
  • Only 50% of original mesh weight remains after PGA absorption


  • Code number sizes packing
  • PSM 611/6 cm x 11 cm. 3 Units/Box
  • PSM 715/7.6 cm x 15 cm. 3 Units/Box
  • PSM 115/10 cm x 15 cm. 3 Units/Box
  • PSM 151/15 cm x 15 cm. 3 Units/Box