Synthetic casting tape is a premium product line that puts consumers at the forefront and strived for environment.


Smile cast is optimization to consumers and the environment.

Smile cast are easy to use.

Smile cast have excellent breathability.

Smile cast is a product with advance technology and differentiation.

Product Information

50TEX Advanced fabric use outstanding curved surface molding exceptional interlayer adhesion.

Up to 80% elasticity maximized surface moldaility very soft surface after curing best products in Europe.

300D Advanced fabric use soft compared tp existing products excellent interlayer adhesion excellent truncation.

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Color Index

Color Index

How to Use

  1. Wear the protective gloves prepared.
  2. Cover the injury area with cotton bandage and stockinette.(Underpad recommended)
  3. Choose appropriate size of product and open it.
  4. Immerse the product into water prepared for 5-10 seconds and squeeze it a couple of times.
  5. Construct the cast by wrapping with slight tension.
  6. Mold the cast for 3-5 minutes by rubbing the product applied.