Orthopedic Splint KIT is a new concept splint that minimized the inconvenience of existing procedures. And diversification of procedures due to specialization of orthopedic tipsy therapists.


Allow to shower for the patient.

Registered medical device in Korea.

Easy to use.

Smile KIT can only support affected areas that require additional strength.

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How to Use

  1. Cut the underpad by the required length of the processed area.
  2. Fold the cut underpad in two fold and put on to affected area for protection.
  3. After immersing in water, a salty core-splint is used on the affected part requiring additional strength.
  4. The Smile cast opened, soaked in water and squeezed.
  5. The Smile cast is spirally wrapped around the procedure area.
  6. The mold is fully until cured.

*Completion of drying after 1~2hours without any tool(except curved areas) 2~3times faster drying speed when using dryer or vacuum cleaner.