Synthetic casting tape is a Fiberglass or Polyester knitted fabric infused with a water-activated resin which can be used for rigid or soft immobilization. CURE Cast provides a more comfortable and better fitting cast and is available in a wide variety of colors.


Water-Cured Resin: Evenly Distributed
Balanced water-cured resin allows for consistent and accurate set time, as well as an ideal lamination between layers.

High in Strength: Low on Time
CURE Cast creates a durable finished cast that can begin bearing weight in approximately 20 minutes or less.

Lightweight & Comfortable
CURE Cast is pliable during application to provide for a better fit, porous to allow skin to breathe, and lightweight for increased mobility and comfort.

Peace of Mind: Zero Chemical Surfactants
CURE Cast incorporates a safe mineral oil combination to help reduce skin irritation and odor.

Easy to use: Satisfaction Guaranteed
In an independent study, CURE Cast was proven to be “less sticky” and “easier to handle” than competitive products.*

Highly Radiolucent: Compatible with X-ray/imaging Equipment
Our casting materials are all compatible with X-ray and imaging equipment. 

Product Information


Made of fiberglass fabric
Fiberglass based casting tape made with a BL Tech proprietary formula which provides a more viscous resin with more pliability during application for the
medical professional.  Offers long term storage with minimal resin migration during storage.


Made of fiberglass fabric
Alpha is a traditional fiberglass based fabric casting tape which provides a similar level of tackiness and pliability during application that medical professionals are accustomed to. Offers long term storage with minimal resin migration during storage.


Made of polyester fabric
Innovative polyester fabric based casting tape.  BL Tech’s proprietary polyester blend provides medical professionals and patients with a fiberglass-free alternative casting tape which provides less weight than a fiberglass based blend as well as better X-Ray penetration.  Also provides easier molding and removal than traditional fiberglass casting materials.


Made of fiberglass & polyester fabric
Our soft casting materials offer flexibility and easier removal and manipulation after resin is cured.

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How to Use

  1. Wear the protective gloves prepared.
  2. Cover the injury area with cotton bandage and stockinette.(Underpad recommended)
  3. Choose appropriate size of product and open it.
  4. Immerse the product into water prepared for 5-10 seconds and squeeze it a couple of times.
  5. Construct the cast by wrapping with slight tension.
  6. Mold the cast for 3-5 minutes by rubbing the product applied.


  1. Disposable medical gloves should be worn while handling the product because the polyurethane resin in Cure Cast will adhere firmly to unprotected skin and cloths.
  2. Swabbing gently with acetone may help to remove the resin from the skin and cast equipment if done immediately.
  3. If the bandaged casts are in the wet state, the casts must be dried carefully by any kind of towel or portable hair dryer.
  4. Too frequent wetting or ineffective drying can lead to skin maceration or other complications.
  5. This casting material imposes fewer restrictions on patients, which a heavy plaster cast does. Therefore, patients should be cautioned against vigorous activities which may interfere with proper healing or cast care.

Compact size with top handle for easy transport and storage. Reliable and safe. High efficiency.