Orthopedic Splint products are comprised of a synthetic splinting material made from a polyester or fiberglass material, infused with a water-cured resin.

Each Cure Splint consists of several layers of synthetic material blend for a strong and durable splint that is ready minutes after application. Cure Splint is available in both roll or pre-cut lengths.

Product Benefits

Reduced Cost & Waste
Cure Splint can be customized and cut to the exact length needed.  The unused splinting material can be re-sealed for later use.

Cure Splint provides strong and lightweight support minutes after application.

Easy Application
Save time with Cure Splint.  Simply cut to desired length, activate resin with water, and apply/mold to the affected area.

Quick-Wick Technology
Cure Splint’s water-resistant inner layer is designed to drain excess water and dries faster than traditional padding.  This helps to reduce skin irritations and discomfort caused by frequent wetting or dampness.

Patient Comfort
Cure Splint’s soft inner layer provides a comfortable cushion between skin and the rigid outer layer.

Product Information


Fiberglass Substrate

  • Pliable during application, rigid after curing.
  • High-strength.
  • Longer shelf-life due to low resin migration.
  • Excellent molding properties.

Polyester Substrate (Non-Woven)

  • Lighter than fiberglass
  • No sharp edges for increased patient comfort
  • Highly radiolucent.
  • Spotlighted as a “next generation” product.

Proprietary Polyester Substrate (Non-Woven)

  • BL Tech’s Patented Technology.
  • Uniquely designed for maximum patient comfort.
  • Keeps patient’s skin dry during application.
  • Fast drying material allows for reduced skin irritation and odor caused by splint.

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How to Use

  1. Choose appropriate product for injury part or Cut roll-type splint as long as needed and seal it tightly by using clip provided for preservation.
  2. Soak product into water in 20 for 5~10seconds and squeeze out water.
  3. Put it into towel and roll it in order to get rid of remaining water.
  4. Apply product to injury part and mold it. And then, apply elastic bandage. (White pad should be touched with patients’ skin.
  5. Mould it well for 3-5 min.


  1. Make sure to use disposable gloves to prevent any urethane resin from smearing onto skin.
  2. If necessary, wash off any resin on skin, utensils or clothing with acetone. Note that this is only possible before the resin hardens.
  3. If the packaging is punctured at all due to carelessness, tightly seal the hole to prevent the product from hardening.
  4. If the packaging gets wet, wipe well with a dry towel and dry in a cool area.
  5. The product is lightweight, thin and strong but avoid impact or excessive activity which may hinder recovery or alter the shape of the splint and cause additional damage.
  6. Remove any sharp parts or wrap with the nonwoven part during treatment as sharp parts of the hardened support can cause more damage once hardened.