Orthopedic water-repellent skin protecter is a hypoallergenic, synthetic cast padding featuring Quick-Wick™ Technology that allows a patient the ability to expose the cast to wet conditions.

CURE Under-Pad contains a water repellent, circular- knitted fiber that drains water effortlessly.

It also retains less water than traditional padding.

The combination of CURE Under-Pad and CURE Casting Tape provide a patient with comfort and flexibility.

With CURE Under-Pad, there is no need to cover a cast before performing activities like showering, bathing, and/or participating in water related activities.

CURE Under-Pad is available in a wide variety of sizes, packaged by roll or pre-cut form.

General Information

Reduced Skin Irritation and Odor
CURE Under-Pad is woven with an antimicrobial fabric blend that allows for fast drying in order to prevent skin irritation and unpleasant odor. (See Skin Irritation Test – ISO 10993-10:2002(e))

Superior Comfort
CURE Under-Pad is soft and flexible. It acts as an excellent protective pad between skin and casting tape. The unique fabric blend also allows skin to breath beneath the hard cast to help reduce odor and discomfort.

Easy to Use
CURE Under-Pad is a tubular bandage and does not require dressing/bandaging. To use CURE Under-Pad, simply slip it over the patient’s extremity and apply CURE Casting tape for a strong, durable, and comfortable cast. CURE Under-Pad is available in a roll or precut sizes.

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How to Use


1. Cut Cure Underpad twice as long as application area.


2. Fold it inside out to make it double layered.


3. Put it on the application area.


4. Fold and roll up the extra edge to make it neat.


5. Make a cast with Cure Cast for the best result.