Cure Underpad


Waterproof Stockinette that allows the patient to expose the plaster to moisture conditions.

Orthopedic water-repellent skin protecter is a hypoallergenic, synthetic cast padding featuring Quick-Wick™ Technology that allows a patient the ability to expose the cast to wet conditions.
CURE Under-Pad contains a water repellent, circular- knitted fiber that drains water effortlessly.
The combination of CURE Under-Pad and CURE Casting Tape provide a patient with comfort and flexibility.
With CURE Under-Pad, there is no need to cover a cast before performing activities like showering, bathing, and/or participating in water related activities.
CURE Under-Pad is available in a wide variety of sizes, packaged by roll or pre-cut form.

Cure UnderpadBenefits of use

Water proof material.

Ideal for high humidity climates.

Reduced Skin Irritation and Odor.

Easy to Use.

Superior Comfort.

Prevents bacteria and keeps skin dry.

3 easy stepsHow use it?

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